A shape on a ground can impart a deep sense of unidentifiable knowing, vibrating with a familiarity that dodges attempts to pin it down. Through colour and form my work investigates the tension between the concrete and the spiritual, wrestling at the line between the visual reality and the internal reality.

The subject is the documentation of life, both significant and insignificant. The simplified abstractions are mirrors of relationships and people; of situations and experiences within the stable boundary of the square.

Starting with representational drawings and watercolours, I use a series of processes such as mono prints, collages, memory drawing, cut outs and cardboard reliefs to dissolve the representation into a concentrated figure-ground composition. I sift the information until the image is synthesized into a poetic version of its self, oscillating between the objective and the subjective - between the rational and the emotional.

Through the process of disintegration the compositions become purely about intuitive aesthetic responses. By locking the door to meaning and focusing on reduction, the formal issues and the contemplative satisfaction in the object, the works stay available for the unexpected. 

Only familiar objects will have a wholly superficial effect upon a moderately sensative person. Those, however, that we encounter for the first time immediatly have a spiritual effect upon us.
— Wassily Kandinsky